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Portland police say they have arrested three men in connection with the attempted rape of a woman at a home in Portland

Portland police have arrested a man and two other men in relation to the attempted forcible rape of a

What you need to know about the new bill that aims to prevent people from donating blood and other bodily fluids to medical research

A bill to make it illegal to donate blood or other bodily fluid to medical researchers passed the Hou

When Israel attacks: Israeli troops fire rockets into southern Gaza

IDF soldiers fired a barrage of rockets into the southern Gaza Strip on Wednesday, a military spokesm

California man accused of stabbing to death friend’s wife

California authorities say a man accused by a friend of stabbing a woman to death on his birthday has

What is the ‘kumar-cari’ and how did it get here?

In recent months, the discovery of an extinct dinosaur and a new species of kumar (or “wattle&#