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Which Wisconsin schools have the lowest graduation rates? | KVAL

Wisconsin’s public universities and colleges have seen their graduation rates decline in recent

Waco local reports suspect in fatal shooting of unarmed man

WACO, Texas — Authorities have identified the suspect in a fatal shooting Tuesday that left a l

How to keep your car safe during a tornado: Tips from experts

A tornado warning remains in effect for portions of southeast Alabama. The National Weather Service

Kansas City, Mo. Police: Man accused of stabbing a woman in Kansas City

The Kansas City Police Department said Wednesday that it has arrested a man accused of fatally stabbi

How to help save Alabama’s ‘last great wildcat’ – ABC News

An Oregon man was arrested in Alabama on Friday for allegedly stalking his pet cat in an effort to &#

New report details how Rockford, Illinois police used racial profiling and excessive force to arrest black men

In a new report, Ars Technic’s Chris Voss details how the Rockford Police Department used racia

How to get a local news TV channel in your town

Posted November 18, 2018 08:52:06 As the 2016 election season continues, the fight for local news in

When you have no choice, leave your children to their care in the care of the state and federal governments, a father says in a video uploaded to Facebook

A father of four has posted a video on Facebook urging parents to leave their children with their car

Nebraska to pay $1.5 million to settle lawsuit involving ‘pornographic material’

Nebraska has settled a lawsuit brought by a former employee who alleged he was sexually assaulted by

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