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We’re told the sun is the brightest object in the sky, but if we had a telescope we could see a

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The most expensive meal on a budget can be an indulgent meal like a steak or seafood salad.The proble

Portland police say they have arrested three men in connection with the attempted rape of a woman at a home in Portland

Portland police have arrested a man and two other men in relation to the attempted forcible rape of a

ESPN: No, Miami won’t be a playoff team in 2018

ESPN’s David Aldridge says Miami will not be a finalist in the postseason this year.Aldridge is

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for

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Aussie banks to lose $5.3 billion as Australian dollar drops amid China’s devaluation

Australian banks are to lose about $5 billion in the second quarter as the US dollar’s deprecia

When your body goes to sleep, your mind stays awake: A study

The concept of sleep was introduced to the medical world in the 1960s.Sleep research was made more ad

When it comes to Trump, Texas Democrats want more from state legislature

Democrats are gearing up to take control of Texas’ U.S. House and Senate races.The race for Hou

‘A lot of stuff’ is wrong about Trump’s immigration policy

In the last three months, President Donald Trump has issued executive orders and signed executive ord