Which Wisconsin schools have the lowest graduation rates? | KVAL

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Wisconsin’s public universities and colleges have seen their graduation rates decline in recent years.

In fact, Wisconsin’s graduation rates are about the same as in 2013.

However, some of those declines are due to the large number of students dropping out of high school.

Below is a list of the highest-ranked public and private schools in Wisconsin.

This list is updated as new data becomes available.

Click here to see all Wisconsin schools on our list.1.

Wisconsin Central University: 86% of students graduate from high school2.

Wisconsin Institute of Technology: 76% of student graduates3.

Wisconsin College of Design: 75% of high-school graduates4.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: 75.8% of graduation rate5.

Wisconsin Lutheran University: 74.7% of graduates6.

University at Buffalo: 72.7%, 7.

Wisconsin Technical College: 72% of graduate rate8.

University Of Wisconsin-Madison: 72%, 9.

University College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee: 71.3%, 10.

Wisconsin State University-Parkside: 70.4%, 11.

Wisconsin Valley State University: 69.6%, 12.

University At Buffalo: 68.9%, 13.

University University of Wisconsin: 68% of grad rateSource: College Board / National Center for Education Statistics