The GOP’s most controversial nominee, Kellyanne Conway, has a record of anti-LGBTQ violence

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The most contentious nominee in the GOP’s presidential race has a history of making anti-gay statements and defending the death penalty for pedophiles.

That’s according to the Washington Examiner, which first reported that Kellyann Conway was under scrutiny for her role in the “PizzaGate” conspiracy theories.

The conservative publication published a letter from the Alliance Defending Freedom, a group of attorneys who defend the right to bear arms, who wrote that “Kellyanne’s record is rife with anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric and bigotry.”

A list of the attorneys who signed the letter was provided to the Examiner by the group.

The letter, which was obtained by the conservative publication, says that Conway “has been critical of the Department of Justice’s decision to defend the death sentence for pedophile Jeffrey Dahmer” and “has called for the execution of homosexuals” in the United States.

The Alliance Defining Freedom also accused Conway of being “a bigoted racist” who “has consistently used her position as an American media mogul and businesswoman to advance her extreme anti-Christian and anti Muslim agenda.”

Conway’s record of making these statements and advocating for the death of gay men and lesbians was highlighted by conservative media figures during the 2016 election.

Republican candidate Donald Trump tweeted, “Karen is a bigot, who should be ashamed of herself.

And the fact that she has been in the KKK should make everyone stop listening to her.”

Former President George W. Bush, in a speech to a group called the Heritage Foundation in 2017, said, “She has a long record of defending the Klan and other hate groups and promoting her own racist views.”

Conrad’s views on LGBT issues were also highlighted in a tweet from Trump’s former campaign manager Kellyannon Conway.

Conrad has a number of positions on LGBT rights, including support for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which grants undocumented immigrants deferred deportation and permits them to work in the country.

The program, first instituted by President Barack Obama in 2012, has seen an influx of immigrants in recent years and is set to expire next month.

The Anti-Defamation League, which represents the American Jewish community, has said that Conway’s position on LGBT matters has been consistent for some time.