Which cities have the best coffee shops?

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By Andy GreenbergSource: Business InsiderThe coffee shops are now everywhere: In a country where a single cup of joe costs about $2.50, many coffee shops have expanded to cater to a range of budgets and tastes.

And, as the city of Asheville, North Carolina, looks to revitalize its downtown core, it’s also getting more than a coffee fix.

In the early ’90s, the city’s business district was an industrial hub for decades.

It was home to some of the nation’s largest retailers, restaurants, and a handful of coffee shops, including Kool’s, the only coffee shop in the city.

But over the past few decades, the business district has become a hotbed for gentrification and, in some cases, a magnet for drug use.

A decade ago, coffee shops in the downtown area were a rare and expensive sight.

But now, they are a common sight in the neighborhood.

According to an analysis by the city, there are roughly 150 coffee shops that sell coffee to consumers.

Some of those shops, like the iconic, long-running Kool-Aid, are thriving.

And the city estimates there are more than 1,000 more, many of them smaller businesses.

Here are a few of our favorites.

We love the look of this old Kool Aid bar in downtown Asheville, NC, but don’t let the vintage charm fool you.

This coffee shop is no coffee shop.

We recently stopped by this cozy coffee shop that has become an iconic part of the downtown skyline.

It’s been around for decades, and its baristas have made a name for themselves.

But its the owner, Stephanie Johnson, who has become the face of the cafe.

The coffee shop’s coffee comes in three different flavors: Black, Chai, and Black Bean.

We love the fact that we can sample the beans and mix it up in the kitchen, which is one of the best ways to taste the flavors.

There are also small tables, which gives a good sense of the size of the shop.

Johnson says they make their own coffee in-house and serve it up with a touch of lemon or a touch a dash of vinegar.

We’re pretty much stuck for coffee in Asheville.

The owners have become a bit of a celebrity, especially among the locals.

In the summertime, they take the cafe out for some outdoor music and then play shows downtown.

The owners are also a bit controversial among some locals, who say the owners are too old-fashioned.

The owner has said they are just trying to be hip.

But Johnson says the coffee is fresh and authentic, and she’s happy to take criticism.

When we visited the cafe, it was packed.

The customers were just waiting to order.

They were so happy.

The food is amazing.

I just love it.

The coffee is so good, it doesn’t taste like anything else.

I love this place and I love this location, and it’s just so close to downtown.

They have the coffee, and we’ve been coming here for years, but we’re always on the move.

They’ve got this little patio that you can come in and have a nice drink.

You can come here anytime and have something to eat, and the service is always great.