UK authorities to issue UK passport to illegal migrants, as hundreds arrive in Europe

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Authorities in the UK will issue passports to migrants who are not UK citizens to try to curb the number of illegal arrivals in Europe.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said she would issue a passport for migrants who did not have an English-language passport and those who are seeking asylum in the EU.

Migrants who are already here will not be required to apply for a new passport, but the Government is not yet in a position to determine how many migrants will be allowed to apply, Ms May said on Monday.

She said the decision was made in response to “fears” of the “disruption” of Britain’s economy, particularly in the mining and construction industries.

More than 600 migrants are currently being housed at four British-run detention centres.

Britain has a record number of asylum seekers and refugees entering the country illegally, with the number more than doubling in a year, to about 4,000 this year.

Many of the migrants arriving in the country are from war-torn Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Pakistan, Iraq and Somalia.

Most migrants are from Eritrea and Sudan.

Some are from Afghanistan, but also from Nigeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh.