Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ immigration agenda could push more than $1.6 trillion into Texas region

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President Donald Trump’s new “Make America Home Again” immigration agenda is expected to boost Texas’s GDP by more than 1.6 percent this year, according to a report by the Austin-based Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber’s economists expect Texas to add $1 trillion to the state’s gross domestic product this year as it becomes the 10th largest economy in the country.

The report, released Thursday, predicts the economic impact of the plan will be significant.

The plan, called the “President’s Agenda for America” or “PAA,” includes: 1.

Imposing temporary tariffs on Mexican imports that are already banned, including car parts and toilet paper 2.

Reducing the import of some agricultural products, including corn, soybeans and rice 3.

Expanding border security and border enforcement 4.

Expanded enforcement at the Mexican border 5.

Providing a $2.3 billion grant to help farmers improve their crops 6.

Expands the DACA program for young people to stay in the U.S. 7.

Eliminating “catch-and-release” immigration laws and providing an avenue for migrants to seek asylum in the United States 8.

Expand the number of immigration judges, and allow those who cannot prove they are U. S. citizens to petition the courts for a review.

It’s not clear whether the proposal will make it through the legislative process, as many House Republicans have balked at some of Trump’s other priorities.

The Chamber of Industry of Texas released a statement Friday saying that the state will be “further enhancing its economy by contributing $1 billion in economic activity.”

“We’re pleased that our chamber is supporting the President’s agenda for economic growth and job creation in the Lone Star State, as Texas continues to grow, create jobs, and create opportunities for our citizens,” the statement said.