How to Tell the Difference Between Idaho and Missouri in Idaho’s ‘White Supremacist’ Lawsuit and the ‘White Nationalist’ Lawsuits That Have Been filed by Trump Supporters

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By Lauren McElroy Idaho’s Republican Party is suing the state for banning a political party and its supporters from using the state flag as a symbol of their party.

The party’s attorney, Dan Kline, wrote in a legal filing that the ban on the use of the flag in state flag displays violates the Constitution and federal law, which ban political symbols from being used to express political opinions.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Boise.

It was filed by Idaho Republican Party Chairman Tom Schoenfeld, Idaho Republican Senator Dan Koehlman, Idaho State Party Chairman Joe Meehan, and other members of the Idaho Republican State Convention, as well as two members of Idaho’s state congressional delegation.

Idaho has had no formal legal action against the flag since the state banned the use in a resolution approved in 2014.

However, Kline’s lawsuit claims the use was not approved until February 2016.

The Idaho state flag is not the only political symbol the party has been targeting for legal action.

Last year, the Idaho GOP filed a lawsuit against the state after a black man’s death in 2015, which was ruled a homicide by a jury.