How to keep your cat safe after a tornado

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I’ve spent most of my life being careful.

When I lived in Oklahoma, I had to stay inside with my dog, and if I had a cat, I’d try to keep it in a car parked outside.

I don’t like to see it outside at night because I can’t tell it to go to sleep or if I hear it cry.

So I was really careful with my cat.

It was a great animal, it had a lot of energy, it was very playful, and I loved him dearly.

But then in 2010, the storm hit, and it destroyed the house, and my cats weren’t happy.

And then when I got home, they were really upset and I had no one to go with.

And I went into my attic, and after I put the cat out, I couldn’t figure out why.

So it was almost like a loss.

I had never seen my cats crying or running around.

I thought maybe they had a stroke.

And they weren’t going to be around my house any longer.

Then one night, I woke up and there was a big pile of garbage in the garage.

And my cat was lying in it, and he was just in tears.

So, I opened the garage door and there were some cans, but there was no food or water.

So after that, I just had to get rid of the cats, because I just didn’t feel safe.

So what I’ve done is I’ve tried to take them out and make sure they’re OK, and then I’ve put a little fence around them.

I think it’s probably worked.

And so, now that I’m living with my ex-wife, I do have to be a little more careful.

But now I’m very careful with them, too.

You can see, in the pictures, I’m wearing a mask, but it’s not really my mask, it’s just a scarf and a mask.

You don’t know if the cat is safe with you.

If he starts scratching, or running away, or he starts crying or he’s angry, it can cause an immediate problem.

If it’s a big cat like a black bear, I can just put him in the corner and watch him until he stops.

But if he’s a kitten, I’ve never seen that happen.

If a cat is in a garbage can, I know they’re very scared, and they’ll get very excited.

And the cat just needs to be safe.

I try to do everything I can to keep them safe.

If I’m not in the house or if there’s someone else, I’ll go out with my cats and watch them.

But it doesn’t matter if I’m home or not.

So my advice to cats is to be very careful.

If you see a cat in your yard, be very, very careful of it, because you’re going to see a lot.

And if you see your cat in a trash can, be sure to keep an eye on it and watch it, too, because that can be dangerous.

I know that sounds a little scary, but I’m just a little scared.

And when I’m out and about, I take the cats to a vet, but in my experience, cats are very good with dogs.

And dogs are great at getting food and taking care of themselves.

So cats are great with people, too because cats are kind of like a companion.

And you can see that in the photos.

If someone walks by and picks up a cat that’s scared, it may not even realize they’re doing that.

And in the photo, the cat has a big smile on his face and his eyes are wide open, and there’s no one around him.

So if you’re in a situation where you’re scared and you need to be with someone, and you’re afraid that you’re gonna get hurt or hurt yourself, then take the cat to a veterinarian.

I have a veterinarian who does this, who has to take your cat out to the vet, so you’re safe and they can see the damage and see that you need medical attention.

So the next time you see someone walking by with a cat and they have a problem with it, please take the animal home with you, because it can be extremely dangerous for them.

You just have to watch it.

I mean, I have cats, and sometimes they can be really scary and aggressive, but they’re good with people.

And cats are just wonderful.