How to get a local news TV channel in your town

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Posted November 18, 2018 08:52:06 As the 2016 election season continues, the fight for local news in California is getting a little more intense.

The fight over local news continues to rage in many communities, and while the candidates and their respective campaigns have been spending millions of dollars on local television, it remains a largely uphill battle.

A local TV channel is a critical step in helping to grow the conversation around local news and local communities in California.

The local news channel that is in the best position to succeed in this battle is KABC.KABC is the parent company of KTVU-TV, which is a public television station in Sacramento.

In 2016, KABC’s flagship local news program, “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” averaged over 6 million viewers a night.

The station also has a variety of other local news programs on the air, including KABC Action News and KABC News 24, which airs daily.

The latter programs, however, are mostly produced and produced by local TV stations and are not owned by the station.

While KABC has been able to compete with local TV for years, the rise of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook has made the local news more accessible and interesting to people in the community.

This has led to increased interest in local news.

In 2015, local TV viewers in California tuned in to local TV programs for the first time in history.

Since then, the local TV audience has grown even larger.KABR-TV is one of KABCs flagship programs and is an early-season local news show that has consistently been among the top programs on KABC at the start of the year.

The show airs from 11 p.m. to midnight each weekday.

KABC also recently aired a live special on KABR that was a special edition of a weekly program that featured interviews with local business leaders.

Local TV viewers also watch KABC, especially in California, during the weekdays, when KABC hosts local news stories.

In 2017, KABP-TV averaged a total of 7.3 million viewers during its daytime time slot, which included live events.

KABRP-TV also recently started airing a live documentary special that focused on local business.

This year, the station also aired a special episode of the KABJR-TV news show “KABJR Live” on Thursday nights from 8:30-9 p.c.

KabR-tv and KABRM-TV both began airing their own specials last year, which has led some local news viewers to take notice of KABB-TV.

The programs featured local business owners, community leaders and others who share their personal stories about their local businesses.

Some local news watchers are also watching KABRB-TV’s “The KABJax Show” which is part of the “KABC Live” programming.

This program is hosted by KABAB-TV anchor and local TV host Brian Williams.

“The ‘KABJaz’ Show” also airs on KTVP-tv, which provides local news programming to the Sacramento area.

The local news audience has also started to tune in to KABC as well.

This includes KABRC-TV which began airing on KCBS from March 7-10.

This shows local news coverage and also features local business owner and community leaders as guests.

The program airs on KPIX-TV and KKTV-TV in Los Angeles, and KCBS in San Francisco.

KCBS also is a daily show on KKPR-TV that also has local news segments.

KKCBS-TV has been airing its own “KCBS Live” segment on KNBC-TV for years.

KNBC hosts local business and community events during the daytime and at night, and the segment features local TV personalities, business owners and community activists.

Local news watcher Dan Kallenbach told ABC News, “I think the reason KABC was able to have the audience that they had, is because it was able just to make local news interesting and to make people watch it.”

Local news watches are watching KABC for the same reasons that they watch KCBS on KSPC-TV or KABC on KGO-TV: it has the best mix of local news reporting, local business interviews, and local celebrity guests.

But KABC is also known for its local celebrities.

This is something that KABC did well in 2017.

KALLENBACH: I think one of the biggest things was the local celebrities that KABABC had in its lineup.

KAYDEN RICHARDSON, ABC News Anchor and Host: I’m excited that KKSC-TV brings a whole different flavor to local news that KCTV-TV didn’t have in the past.

KBISHANKAR: Local celebrities who have been around the world and know how to