When you have no choice, leave your children to their care in the care of the state and federal governments, a father says in a video uploaded to Facebook

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A father of four has posted a video on Facebook urging parents to leave their children with their care and government agencies to protect them from the worst of the Ebola outbreak.

“When I have to leave my children to care for them, it makes me feel guilty,” said the father, who asked that his name be withheld.

“It makes me want to do something bad.

So I’m not going to leave them in the hands of the government.

If I have a choice to go to a safe place, go to the nearest hospital or a government facility, I want to go there.

I want my children safe.”

The video shows the father walking around a deserted building, holding a large map with numbers on it, to indicate which agencies are in which building.

“If I leave my child with a caretaker, I know the government is there,” he says, adding, “You can see them all there, right?”

He also tells his children to keep a safe distance from Ebola patients, telling them, “If someone has Ebola, they have to go.”

The father then tells them that “there are other ways to save your children, like by leaving them in a safe environment.”

When the father and his four children are outside, the video ends, saying, “It’s too dangerous.

The Ebola virus is spreading.

You need to be prepared.

The only way you can save your kids is by leaving your children with the caretaker.”

He also says that if they need medical attention, “they are not going anywhere.”

He adds that he and his children “don’t know how long they will be out of contact” with the virus.

On Wednesday, the United Nations said it would be sending two doctors and an epidemiologist to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria to help the World Health Organization with its response to the Ebola crisis.