What you need to know about the new bill that aims to prevent people from donating blood and other bodily fluids to medical research

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A bill to make it illegal to donate blood or other bodily fluid to medical researchers passed the House yesterday and is now headed to the Senate.

Rep. Jim Matheson (D-FL) introduced the measure in March, after House members, along with other health care experts, raised concerns about the bill’s impact on research.

The bill would make it a felony for people to donate bodily fluids, blood, urine, semen or other body fluids without the consent of a doctor.

It would also make it an offense to sell or give blood or tissue from a human being without the patient’s permission.

The bill would also create a new class of felonies, making it a first-degree felony to donate a human body, semen, or other human bodily fluid, or to knowingly sell or transfer the same to anyone, including the person giving the blood.

The criminal penalties are in addition to the existing penalties for providing blood, semen and other body fluid for medical research.

The bills move forward on the House floor, where House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) introduced it and the Senate approved it on a 28-10 vote.

It’s expected to go to the House for consideration next week, when House Speaker Paul Ryan (R) is expected to be in Washington for a Cabinet meeting.

The House is expected on Tuesday to consider the legislation.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D) and other lawmakers also called for the bill to be sent to the White House for review.

The Senate passed the bill last week, and a final Senate vote on the measure is expected in the coming weeks.