What to know about the Rams free-agent QB market

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The Rams are in the market for a new quarterback.

Here are five things to know heading into training camp.


The Rams can make a play for Robert Griffin III with a franchise tag.

The NFL salary cap is set at $168 million.

With the Rams having a $2.9 million cap hit for 2016, the team is in the position to make a major splash in free agency.

If they sign Griffin to a franchise tender, they’ll have a $1.8 million cap figure for next season, which would allow them to make the playoffs for the first time since 2010.

The team would then have to cut Griffin, though that is unlikely.

The franchise tag would also be a boon for the team, as it would allow the team to retain one of its starting quarterbacks.

If the Rams sign Griffin, the Rams would then lose a quarterback on a one-year deal worth $9.5 million.

They’d still be able to retain Griffin in a sign-and-trade deal if he was willing to sign elsewhere, but they’d be forced to pay him a base salary.

If Griffin signs a one year deal worth the team $12.8 mil, the franchise tag will be the only way they can keep him.

Griffin would also have a cap hit of $9 million in 2016 and 2017, which will give them plenty of flexibility to sign players at the quarterback position in the future.


The Bears are not interested in trading for Griffin.

Chicago has a $7.9 mil cap hit and a $6.8 m cap hit next season.

They’ll also be paying $1 million in salary to Griffin this year.

That’s not going to make them a great fit for Griffin, but it would give them a nice cap hit to compete with other teams in free agent QB markets.


The Vikings are a different situation.

Minnesota’s cap hit is $3.4 million for 2016 and $3 million for 2017, so the Vikings could use some of that money to make another big splash.

They’re likely to try to bring back a veteran QB, but that hasn’t happened in some time, so it would be a bit surprising to see Minnesota attempt to trade for Griffin or another quarterback.


The Texans are not looking to trade Griffin.

The Patriots are expected to release former Browns QB Josh McCown after he signed a four-year, $42.8M contract with the team in 2016.

The Jaguars are expected at the end of the season to decide on McCown’s future, and the team’s salary cap hit could be much higher than $7 million for this season.

The Falcons could also try to move McCown to make room for a big free agent signing, but the Falcons’ cap hits will be much lower than the Texans’.


The Broncos and Jaguars are not the only teams interested in Griffin.

Other teams including the Chiefs, Titans, and Bills are also interested.

The Eagles, Cardinals, and Packers are also expected to be interested in free agents Griffin and Josh McCorkins.

The Browns have not had any free agents signed yet, but Griffin has already signed with the Chiefs.

The 49ers and Patriots are also believed to be in the mix, though it is not known if the Patriots are willing to move Griffin.