The new ‘local 4’ news app brings the news you crave to your fingertips

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A few months ago, Buzzfeed started adding local 4 to its app.

Now, the app is expanding to add news that is locally sourced.

But first, BuzzFeed needs to prove that it can build something truly compelling.

Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti says that he has been waiting for this moment.

“We’ve been talking about local 4 for a while,” Peretti told Bloomberg TV’s Mike Cernovich.

“And now we’ve finally gotten it.

So it’s a great time to be here.”

For local 4, BuzzFrog, the company that built the app, is not afraid to get creative.

The app’s interface, for instance, is designed to feel like a news app, but it’s also filled with an array of other elements, including local sports scores, weather and local news.

For example, the weather on the app can be updated in real time, or it can be modified to show a forecast.

This gives local 4 a feeling of immediacy and depth.

And the app also lets users filter local news sources.

BuzzFroog said that the new version is focused on bringing local news to the web, and it’s not going to try to replicate what happens in traditional print media.

“It’s really about building a local news platform that is accessible to the public, which is why we are building this for the web,” Perelli said.

For local 5, BuzzNews also has some new features.

The company is rolling out an app called Local News for Android, which will give users a real-time news feed, plus local news stories that are updated as people travel to different parts of the country.

And BuzzFnostalgic, the buzzy new local news app that Buzzfeed acquired last year, will let users get news from all the news sources they want.

BuzzNews CEO Jonah T. Peretti said that local 5 is about getting a better news experience for users.

“The real question is, how do you create a good news experience?”

Peretti asked.

“How do you deliver a news experience that is as relevant as it needs to be?

What are the stories that make sense to a reader?

How do you make it easy to find what they’re looking for?

That’s the challenge of making local 5.”

For BuzzFog, local 5 has some big goals, too.

The new app is aiming to provide a new way for users to engage with local news, with the goal of improving user retention and boosting Buzzfeed’s traffic.

BuzzFeed is also working to build a better way for people to find local news in their community, and is also launching a new app for those who want to search for local news from across the country, including from a local sports score or from local news reports.

For now, local 4 will only be available in the US.

But BuzzFoog says it is working on a global rollout.

The BuzzFnews app will eventually be available for iOS and Android in the coming weeks.