Tennessee is losing its top tech job as part of company shakeup

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The top tech jobs in the U.S. are shrinking as tech companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook cut jobs in favor of cheaper and more flexible workers, according to a new report.

The Economic Policy Institute analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and found that the number of tech jobs dropped by 9 percent from 2014 to 2016, the largest decline among the 34 biggest U. S. cities.

In addition to losing its largest job, TennesSEE lost its top job in the tech sector, which includes jobs in marketing and technology operations.

At the same time, the number for sales and administrative support increased by 15 percent, and software development and maintenance jobs rose by 10 percent.

“This trend shows that in the coming years, there will be fewer and fewer tech jobs for people with advanced degrees and more and more jobs for more and better-educated people,” the institute’s chief economist David Autor wrote in a report.

The institute also cited a study by the Urban Institute, which found that tech companies have been laying off workers and moving to cheaper, more flexible workforces in recent years.

Bureau of Labor statistics The study looked at a broader group of jobs in tech, including IT and finance, which are often considered the most prestigious jobs.

But it did not include software engineers and software developers.

Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon all cut jobs and laid off people in the data.

In addition, the companies cut back on their employee training programs, cutting the number and amount of training that they offer.

The biggest cutbacks were in software development, which saw its total workforce cut by 23 percent and in sales and support, which dropped by 12 percent.

Google, Apple and Facebook also announced plans to make the workforce of their tech teams more flexible, with employees given more control over how they spend their time.

The companies said they would also reduce their hiring and development costs, which have been rising as their businesses have grown.

Autor said in his report that he believes companies such a Facebook and Google are using their power to get people to stay.

Autor noted that tech workers have been known to be loyal, loyal employees.

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