RTE’s ‘Cannibal’ TV series is back on air – and it’s all about Cannibals!

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RTE is back with a brand new series, “Cannibals”, starring the world-famous Cannibal Corpse.

The series is a comedic thriller that will explore the origins of the cannibalistic cult of the Cannibal.

The series is directed by Jules Kepel (The Killing) and stars John Rafferty (Game of Thrones) as Dr. John Rachlin, a British psychiatrist who works at a secret facility in New York.

The story follows Rachlan and his colleague John Furlong as they investigate a case of cannibalism in the US.

Rachlyn, a brilliant doctor, discovers a strange case of a young man who had been eating humans and then was killed.

Ratchy and his wife have gone to the facility, but are shocked to find a young boy on the floor.

They have been given a list of questions to ask the boy.

But the boy has disappeared, and the questions they ask the child seem to make no difference.

The two doctors decide to investigate further.

When they arrive, they find the boy’s corpse in the basement.

They decide to take the boy back to the lab and start an investigation.

The team discovers a cult of cannibals that has grown into a cult and a new cult of cannibalistic cannibale. 

The Cannibalist is a brand-new series that is about Cannibalism, in the same way that RTE has done before.

The cast is comprised of John Raperty ( Game of Thrones), Joanna Coles (The Sopranos), Joanne O’Connor (The Young Ones), Jules Katzenberg (The Hangover), and Jon Davenport (Hannibal).

The show is available on RTE.ie, iPlayer and RTE app.

The cannibal cult is said to have existed for thousands of years, but was destroyed by the Spanish Inquisition in 1616.

The show follows the trials of the scientists that discovered the cannibalism cult. 

It is the first series that Rachlins team has worked on since the first season of “Cannonball Run”, which was released in 2013.