How to read the weather in Minnesota and Minnesota, and the weather forecast for the rest of the Midwest and Northeast

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for parts of Minnesota and parts of the state’s eastern half as a severe weather system approaches the state.

The severe weather warning issued Sunday night includes heavy rain, thunderstorms and lightning in the central and western parts of New York, Vermont, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as parts of North Dakota and Montana.

The threat is now extended to the Midwest from Illinois to Michigan and Ohio to Wisconsin.

A severe thunderstorms watch has been in effect for all but the most severe of severe weather warnings.

The NDSR says the storm will become a tornado or a hurricane with wind speeds of at least 100 mph.

The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch for the Minneapolis area and Minnesota for Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The NWS issued a severe storm warning for the area of New Jersey, southern New York and parts for western New York from New York to Connecticut and western New Jersey to Pennsylvania.

A tornado watch is in effect through Sunday afternoon.

The National Weather Services says severe thunder storms are possible.

The weather agency says heavy rain is expected along with heavy thunderstorms.