When you are pregnant with twins, there are things you can’t say to your wife and kids

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A father has spoken out after a mother’s statement on Facebook that she was scared of her kids and wanted to tell her husband that she had twins was a lie.

Khalil Zebri, 31, was on the phone with his wife, who has twins aged four and five.

She asked him to speak to her son’s doctor, and said: “He is very sick and will die soon, I don’t know how to stop him.”

“The doctor said, ‘No, I am afraid for your life, I will do everything in my power to help you’,” Mr Zebria told the ABC.

“I thought, well, this is it, I need to tell my husband.”

He was then called into his home and asked to talk to his wife and son, who were about three months old.

He agreed and the conversation began.

After a couple of hours, he was told the baby boy had died and Mr Zebra’s wife was crying uncontrollably.

“[The doctor] said she was afraid for her life and I told her that I don.t know how.

I don t know what I should do.

It was a nightmare, I felt scared,” Mr Zera said.

When the baby’s body was taken to hospital, the baby was declared brain dead.

Mr Zebrie said his wife did not want to say anything, saying: “I am scared.

I am scared that my wife will die.

I feel so sad, I feel like a loser.”

His wife was not told what had happened and the following day, the couple received an email from his wife telling them he had been diagnosed with acute sepsis.

The family did not receive the diagnosis until two weeks later.

His mother-in-law was initially worried about Mr Zercri, and even told him she did not think he would survive.

But he was soon on the road to recovery, and was diagnosed with sepsi.

Doctors told the family that he would have to stay in hospital for six weeks.

While the baby died, Mr Zerbri was told by his doctor that his wife was safe, and that the baby would survive, as long as he was in hospital.

However, the next day, his wife received an emergency call saying her son was not breathing.

Within two hours, Mr Jabri’s wife died.

As a result, Mr Zebrri, who is now in a coma, has no idea where his son is.

At the time of his death, Mr Kebri was on a five-day road trip with his mother-ins-law and his two young children.

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