What to know about the deadly Oakland riots

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A riot erupted in Oakland, California, on Friday night, after police officers shot and killed a mentally ill man.

The man died shortly after 10 p.m. local time.

Authorities say he was shot by police during a confrontation.

The shooting happened in the city’s East Oakland neighborhood.

Video shows an officer pointing a gun at the man, but it’s unclear if that was a live round.

The officer’s body camera captured the entire incident, but the video shows the man with his hands up in the air, as police fire a single shot at him.

Video from a nearby surveillance camera shows officers with batons surrounding the man’s body.

The man is lying face down on the ground, but his body was still moving.

Video taken by another surveillance camera from across the street shows the suspect, who is not identified, kneeling on the street, with a knife in his hand.

The police department later released a statement saying the man “was resisting arrest and did not comply with police commands.”

“As we have repeatedly stated, the Oakland Police Department is committed to holding those who harm others accountable for their actions,” Oakland police Chief Sean Whent said.

Oakland police said that the man was not armed and was being treated for mental illness.

Police said he had a “medical emergency” but did not give details.

The city has struggled with a high number of police shootings over the last year.

The department has not yet released any additional information on the incident.