WCCA-FM: WCC-FM on air, local news on the go in a pinch, says WCCa chief news editor – The Australian

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Posted September 04, 2018 08:19:22Local news news in Australia has a big impact on the way we live our lives.

But there’s a reason why some local news programs are only available for a few days each week: they’re hard to get.WCCA’s WCCs local news program has been a big part of its growth in recent years.

Its weekday news, which began with the first edition in 2001, has been on the air every weekday since.

“Our job is to deliver quality local news for our community,” chief news officer Ian Jones told ABC Radio Melbourne’s The Morning Report in September.

“The WCC is a good example of what you can do if you’ve got the right people, the right talent and the right business model.”WCC NewsRadio: WCB, Radio 1 Melbourne, WCB radio, The Morning Call, WCC News and the NewsRadio podcast.