Waterbury, CT: ‘I want to know how it was’ as victims of Sandy water flooding react

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Waterbury residents in Waterbury Local News are calling for answers after flooding in their city caused widespread flooding.

Waterbury Mayor Joe O’Connell says he’s looking into the damage, and that the city has been working to restore power and water to areas devastated by the storm.

The city says a power outage, and the flooding, caused more than 500,000 customers in Watertown to lose power.

O’Connell, who said his office is in touch with FEMA, says he wants to know what happened to the residents of the flood-hit area.

“We don’t know the exact extent of the damage that was done, we just want to make sure that there is power outages and the ability to provide the water service to those that need it,” O’Connor told CBS Boston.

The governor of Connecticut is also on the scene.


Dannel Malloy says he has ordered a massive rescue operation in Water City, and is asking the National Guard to assist.

Olympic gold medalist and Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, who was on the swim team that was hit by the hurricane, says his parents are worried about the recovery efforts.

He told CBS News he was thankful to have been able to help the city recover and says he hopes people in Water Town are able to have a “healthy recovery.”

“We were in a little bit of a state of shock and shock and panic and shock,” Lochte said.

“I think it’s a great day, a great time to be able to be back out there and being the Olympic swim team.

I hope people in our city are able, and hopefully the people that have been displaced and the families that have lost their loved ones, they’re safe.”