Bizarre sight of baby tiger in Indonesia, experts say

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Bizarre sights of baby tigers in Indonesia have emerged, with experts saying the cubs are “not just cute, but they have a strong sense of morality”.

Key points:Scientists believe the cub are still young, but could grow to be big enough to be born in the wildResearchers say they believe the babies will eventually be born wildExperts are sceptical about the babies’ ability to survive in the jungleThe cubs were born in Sumatra, Indonesia, on Sunday, but their birth has sparked international interest and confusion.

The babies were spotted by a guide in the mountains of the central Indonesian state of Aceh, and the mother is believed to have abandoned them.

“It is extremely rare for a tiger cub to be seen in the open, so it was a bit of a shock to see them there,” said Dr Paul Ngo, an ecologist with the University of Auckland, who has spent years studying the animals.

“When you are in a very remote area and you see a tiger, you are expecting something very different.”

Dr Ngo said the cub had been spotted for a number of days, and appeared to be small, but was still young enough to survive.

“They are still small, about 10 centimetres and they have got a strong instinct to protect their young.

They don’t seem to be afraid of humans,” he said.”

But it is very difficult to predict how they will behave, and we do not know how long they will survive.”

The mother had been feeding the cub, which appeared to have been abandoned, and Dr Ngo and his team are trying to determine how the cub have survived.

“We can’t say how much time they have had in captivity or how they are likely to survive, but we can say they appear to be a very young tiger cub,” he added.

“That is one of the reasons why we are very sceptical.”

There are lots of reasons why tigers can survive and they are not just cute and cuddly, they have the strong sense that if they are attacked they have to protect the other tigers.

“This might be the most important trait of any animal, because it means they are going to be able to fend for themselves in the future.”

What is really important is that they are very smart and they will learn about the environment.

“The other thing is that the mother has been feeding them, and that is something that can be difficult for an animal like a tiger.”

Dr Paul Ng said there was a lot of speculation about whether or not the cub would be able survive in captivity.

“A lot of people say they will be able, but there are also people who think that they will have to be shot if they try to go out,” he explained.

“These are very big decisions that have to take place in the context of what we see in nature.”

If the mother were to abandon the cub and leave the area, we might be tempted to say that that’s not the best thing to do, but that is not our main concern.”‘

Dangerous’ wild tigers in Sumas, AcehThe Sumatran tigers, a subspecies of the Sumatrans, have become increasingly rare in recent years due to their poor breeding.”

But we know that there are more tigers in the world than there are tigers in this area.””

People say that it is a bit dangerous, because they don’t have to kill them.”

“But we know that there are more tigers in the world than there are tigers in this area.”

One of the things we are trying are to develop conservation policies in the region, which will hopefully protect the wild tigers.

“He said the birth was “a very unusual event” and he was “not surprised” that the cub were still young.”

In the wild, a lot more wild tigers are born than we know.

“You could say that they have not been able to survive,” he concluded.

“I would like to see more wild tiger births, but the wild is wild, so that is a concern.”

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