‘A great piece of work’: WXII local news app

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A great piece to read about the future of WXIII local news.

The app was created by former ABC employee Dan McElroy and his team at the WXI Local News app company.

Dan, who now works at WXIV’s app studio, said he’s happy to have been able to bring the app to life and wanted to share his thoughts on it.

Dan McAlroy (@DanMcAlroy) August 12, 2018 “It was a great piece,” Dan said.

“It’s just a very cool thing to see and it’s a nice way to start out a new project.

I just want to say thanks to the people who worked on it and the folks at the ABC who made it happen.”

WXii localnews app Dan said he spent a lot of time building the app from the ground up.

“I started the app almost two years ago with the intention of getting WXi and WXiv on the same app and it worked really well.”

He said the app’s interface is simple and easy to use.

“There’s no learning curve,” he said.

He said WXiii will have a very similar design to WX2 and it will be available to everyone soon.

“The interface will look exactly the same,” he added.

Dan said the Wxii app will be “much more intuitive” to use and it has a very simple interface.

“When you press a button you’ll be prompted to make a change,” he explained.

“This means you can quickly and easily see what you’ve got, and the app will keep you informed on what’s going on with the local news.”

The app is available for iOS and Android and you can also download the app on Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Dan hopes to have the app available for all the ABC’s platforms, including the ABC iPlayer app and the ABC News app.