How to use a Google search to find your favourite subreddits

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A great way to find out what is popular on your favourite social media platforms is to simply type in a keyword into Google.

With the recent changes to Google’s search engine, there are a lot of search terms that are no longer relevant for users who aren’t interested in browsing.

This article will show you how to find the top 100 subreddits for you and your friends, and show you a few ways to filter them based on your interests.


Search by category: Search by Category: Google Trends shows that the top searches on the first page of results for a certain keyword will typically be for related topics.

For example, search for “kotaku” will return results for the term “kadokawa”, and search for the word “anime” will bring up results for “animes”.

The top results will be for specific subreddits that have been heavily covered on Kotaku in the past.


Search for specific keywords: If you’re not already a Google+ member, click the blue “+” button to the right of your username on the right side of the page, and sign in with your Google account.

Select “Profile” under the “My profile” menu, and then “Add a friend” under “Add friends”.

On the left side of your profile page, click “Add new friends”.


Click “Search by category” to see which subreddits are trending on Google Trends.


Find the top posts by a particular keyword: If a user searches for the keyword “Kotaku in Anime”, they will return a list of subreddits that contain the term in question.

To see the top results for each subreddit, click on the blue link on the top left of the screen.

To narrow down the list, click once on each of the subreddits that you’re interested in.

To find the best subreddits, simply go through the list of top results, and click on a subreddit that you want to find.


Use the search bar to filter by category and search: In addition to showing the top content for a particular subreddit, you can also filter the results by subreddit by clicking on the green search bar on the bottom right side.

To do so, click and hold the green bar, and choose “Filter by subreddit”.

This will show the subreddits for which you are searching for a specific keyword, and you can then filter them by subreddit.


Search on Google for the top submissions by a certain subreddit: The same technique can be used to find popular submissions by specific keywords.

To get the top 10 submissions by the keyword KotakuinAnime, you would search for KotakuINAnime and Kotaku IN Anime, and the top five results will contain Kotaku Anime.

The top ten submissions are for Kotakans Anime, so there is a chance that you may find the highest rated submission.

You can then click the green link at the top of the list to see the results.


Search a certain category of posts: If there are multiple subreddits on GoogleTrends that have a certain topic or keyword in common, you will likely see that they are grouped together.

To filter out the subreddits with the same topic, you’ll need to search for specific topics on Google.

The most popular search term for the topic of your choice would be “Kadokan”, and the search terms for “KAD” and “KOTAKAN” are grouped by the word Kotaku, which is the word you would normally find in a Google Search.

To search for a different keyword, click a red link on your results, then click on “Filter”.

You will see a list that lists all of the results that are for the same keyword.

For instance, if you were searching for “Anime”, you would likely find all of those results for anime.

To quickly find the results for KotAKAN, click KotAK, and all of them will bring you to KotakuAnime.


Find specific subreddits and subreddits in particular: To narrow the search down to a specific subreddit, it is possible to search the subreddit by keyword, with the result of finding the subreddits by keyword being the top result.

To have the results from each subreddit sorted by the search term, you could click the orange button on the left sidebar, and enter the keyword for each submitter.

You will then be able to filter the result by that keyword.

To sort the results, click one of the top-ranked results, or the ones that are the most popular.


Search Google Trends for the most active subreddits: If any of your searches for a keyword are not getting results, there is always the possibility that someone has already made a post on Reddit.

The best way to check for any activity on Reddit is to check the search volume on Google’s Trending Topics section.

To check for activity on Google, you need to go to Google Trends, click your search term in the top right, and use the search box