How to stop the next pandemic from happening…

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The US government is warning that an outbreak of the coronavirus that has swept through many parts of the world could hit the West Coast in less than two weeks.

It comes as officials warned that the number of coronaviruses circulating in the US could be as high as 50,000 a day by March.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said there had been more than 200 confirmed cases in the past week, with an additional 22 cases confirmed in New York.

More than a quarter of the people infected in the outbreak have been identified, but it is still unclear whether the virus is spreading among infected people or not.

CDC Director Tom Frieden told the Washington Post the virus was “highly contagious” and the risk of spread was high.

“I think it’s the most contagious we’ve ever seen,” he said.

Frieden said there were about 5,000 cases of the virus, with another 6,000 to 10,000 confirmed cases.

But he added: “This is a pandemic, not a pandora.

The only way you’re going to eliminate this virus is if you have a complete quarantine.”

The number of confirmed cases is likely to rise, and the number expected to be found is likely higher, said Dr. Jeffrey Pecman, director of the Division of Vector-Borne Diseases at the US Centers for Diseases Control and Control.

“There’s going to be a lot more cases,” he told ABC News.

There is also an increased risk of coronitis, which is a condition that occurs when the coronvirus is spread through the air.

However, the number and severity of the current cases are still very low compared to the previous pandemic that began in 2007.

Dr. David Reich, a professor of virology at the University of Minnesota, told the Associated Press the pandemic was a very low-level pandemic.

“It’s very mild, it’s not that severe,” he added.

In the past, coronavivirus was not as prevalent in the West.

But in the new outbreak, the US is seeing a rise in cases.

“This is what happens when we’re overreacting,” Dr Reich said.

“We are overreaction.

And that’s the problem we have right now.”

There are already concerns that a lack of surveillance in the area could hamper efforts to combat the virus.

People in the Washington, D.C. area have been told to avoid wearing masks, and people in other areas are being advised to stay home.

While the number is still low, the virus has infected a lot of people in the country.

About 40 percent of Americans live in areas with no control measures, Dr Reich told ABC.

Many areas are also seeing a high number of deaths, with at least 17 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours.