Vintners’ new Vintner’s Lager is named after the family who first planted it in 1881

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Vintuers new Lager, named after their first family, will be named after a family who planted it more than a century ago.

The family, which founded the beer empire in the early 18th century in the English village of Bruges, named their beer after their ancestors, and used the first three letters of the family name to denote its origins.

“Our company has always prided itself on the quality of our beer,” said owner and CEO Peter van der Velde.

“We’ve always tried to be as authentic as possible, which is why we are very proud to be celebrating this anniversary with our brand, with our beer and with the memory of our family and the family history of Buggs.”

“The fact that we can name our beer after the families first brewing operation in 1871 is a wonderful tribute to the spirit of brewing that gave us our identity.”

The beer is a pale golden amber, with a rich, caramel and malt character.

It is named for its original brewery in the village of Kiel, where the family lived until 1881, when the brewery was bought by a Dutch firm, The Brugs Brewery.

“The name Vintuer’s is a combination of ‘Viking’ and ‘Lager’, meaning they were both brewed in a large brewery that was built in 1851,” Van der Velds said.

“This is the first beer in the world named after Brugues’ original brewing company.”

Vintuers beer was brewed for several years at the original brewery before it was purchased by the Brugsbrucke family in the mid-1920s.

The brewery, named the Vintens Brewery in honour of its founder, opened in 1927, and has since expanded to serve a range of beers and a range more diverse than what was possible in the original brewing brewery.

“When you look at the history of the brewery and the history that this brewery is associated with, it’s amazing that this beer has been named after one of its founders,” Van den Vets said.

The brewery was one of the few remaining breweries to survive the Great Depression and was once the centre of a thriving industry, but its days as a brewery were numbered.

“It was very much the last remaining brewery in Brug.

We lost the town of Bug in the 1930s,” Van de Vets told News24.

The Brugers family decided to rename the beer after Van der Vets grandfather, and have continued to use the name for more than 50 years.

“In Brug the name Vincers is a good enough name for me, and it fits the whole family,” van der Vet said.