Philadelphia mayor’s call for more police officers leads to protests on Twitter

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The city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has seen a spike in the number of people taking to social media to call for the resignation of its police chief.

The latest figures show that more than 50,000 people have tweeted at least one comment to the mayor’s office, with a similar number of tweets made on Friday.

Around 10,000 of those tweets are about the police department.

Mayor Jim Kenney, who has been the subject of criticism for failing to provide more funding to the police force, tweeted that his department needs to spend more money to make sure it’s fully equipped and has a clear plan to fix the problem.

Around 20,000 tweets have been made on the mayor and the Philadelphia Police Department, and more than 1,000 on the city’s mayor’s Twitter account.

The city’s police department has faced criticism for not fully funding its hiring of new officers, which has seen many officers resign over concerns of retaliation for speaking out.

It has been accused of not fully addressing the issue of officer-involved shootings, which are disproportionately occurring in African American communities, and has been plagued by a backlog of court cases.